Using Variogram Results in Kriging

Once you have completed the variogram, you can use the results of the variogram model when gridding the data with the Kriging gridding option.

To use model results:

  1. Make sure the variogram is displayed in the plot window. If you switch to a new plot window, the variogram results cannot be used.

  2. Select Grids | New Grid | Grid Data.

  3. In the Open Data dialog, choose the data file to be modeled and click Open.

  4. In the Grid Data dialog, select Kriging for the gridding method.

  5. Click the Next button twice to open the Grid Data Kriging Options dialog.

  6. Click the Get Variogram button to use the variogram model open in the plot window. If more than one variogram exists in the document, a dialog is displayed prompting you for the variogram to use.

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