Placing Boundaries on Other Maps

Base maps can be used to place boundary features on any type of map. To place boundary lines on a map, add a base map layer to the existing map with the Map Tools | Add to Map | Layer | Base command.


In Surfer, you can use map layers with different coordinate systems by setting the source coordinate system for each map separately. Surfer displays the map in the target coordinate system by changing the view of the individual maps. For example, consider a contour map based on latitude/longitude coordinates. To overlay a boundary map on the contour map, the boundary map must cover the same general range as the contour map. But, the coordinate system can be any coordinate system for this location. For example, the CoordinateSystems.srf sample file includes three layers with two different source coordinate systems.

Limits and Scale

When you overlay maps, if the new map limits exceed that of the current map limits, Surfer gives you the option to adjust the map limits to include all layers.

To add a boundary base map to another map:

  1. Create a map with the Home | New Map command. The grid file should use limits that cover the same general extent as the boundary base map.

  2. Select the map and click the Map Tools | Add to Map | Layer | Base command to add a base map layer.

  3. In the Import dialog, select your boundary file and click the Open button.

  4. Set any file import properties, if required, and click OK.

  5. To clip the map to specific limits, click on the Map object in the Contents window.

  6. Open the Limits page in the Properties window, or use the Map Tools | Map Tools | Set Limits command.

  7. If necessary, set the scale on the Scale page.

The map automatically redraws to the new limits and size.

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