Menu and Tab Commands

The ribbon contains the commands that allow you to add, edit, and control the objects on the plot, worksheet, grid editor, or 3D view window page.

Plot Document Commands

When viewing a plot document, the main ribbon tab commands are available:


Open and save files, import or export data, print, and set options and defaults


Contains common editing, selection, feature, grid, and map commands


Set the page display and arrange or position maps and objects in the plot document


Draw features and perform geoprocessing


Perform grid operations

Map Tools

Add map layers, and edit or analyze maps and map layers


Controls the display of toolbars, status bar, rulers, grids, and managers, resets window positions, tracks cursor between map and worksheet, and controls the zoom level of the plot

Point Cloud Commands

The commands for editing the points within a point cloud layer are located on the Point Cloud ribbon. The Point Cloud tab is only displayed when a point cloud layer is selected.

Point Cloud

Contains commands for selecting, classifying, modifying, and exporting points

3D View Commands

The commands for changing the view, creating fly-throughs, and copying images in the 3D view window are located on the 3D View ribbon. The 3D View tab is only displayed while viewing a map in the 3D view.

3D View

Contains commands for modifying the 3D view, creating a fly-through, and copying an image of the 3D view to the clipboard.

Worksheet Commands

The primary commands when viewing a worksheet window are located on the Data ribbon. However, many of the File menu and Grid tab commands are also available when viewing a worksheet window, and a few of the Home and View tab commands are available as well.


Contains commands to sort data, filter data, compute statistics, assign projection, re-project data, and calculate mathematical transformations

Grid Editor Commands

The primary commands when viewing a grid in the grid editor are located on the Grid Editor tab. The Grid Editor tab includes commands and tools for editing the grid values.

Grid Editor

Contains commands to open, edit, and save grids

The Application/Document Control Menu commands control the size and position of the application window or the document window.

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