Data Tab Commands

The Data tab contains commands for editing the cell and worksheet, finding and replacing cell contents, formatting the cells, manipulating data, and assigning or projecting coordinate systems. The Data tab is only available when viewing a worksheet.

The worksheet ribbon Data tab has the following commands:

Open Data

Open data file in a new worksheet


Remove the selected cells


Combines a worksheet file with the existing worksheet


Displace selected cells and insert new cells into the worksheet


Delete selected worksheet cells and move rows or columns


Find a particular word or phrase in the worksheet

Find Next

Find the next occurrence of the word or phrase


Replace the word or phrase with alternate text

Format Cells

Sets the numeric format, alignment, and background color for the selected cells

Column Width

Sets column widths for selected cells

Row Height

Sets row height for selected cells


Applies a mathematical transform to columns


Sorts selected cells

Spatial Filter

Spatially filters X, Y and optional Z coordinates


Computes statistics on selected cells

Text to Number

Convert the text in selected cells to numbers


Convert columns to rows and rows to columns

Assign XYZ Columns

Specifies the default columns for X, Y, and Z coordinate data

Assign Coordinate System

Specifies the existing coordinate system

New Projected Coordinates

Specifies the columns containing the source X, Y coordinates and target X, Y columns for a new coordinate system


Convert DMS latitudes and longitudes to decimal degrees

Track Cursor

Track cursor location across plot, worksheet, and grid editor windows for a maps, data files, and grids.

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