Sharing Data Between Layers

Surfer maintains a list of files used to build layers in a map object . Grids, images, and data files are recognized as being open in the background, thus making opening and using file information quicker. Creating a new map layer from an open data file shares the data between map layers. Surfer tracks which data is being shared between the layers.

To share data between map layers, select the grid file from the Open Grids section in the Open Grid dialog, select the data file from the Open worksheets section in the Open Data dialog, or select the image file from the Open images section in the Import dialog when creating a new layer.

Tracking files this way makes finding the files that were used to build complex maps much simpler. For example, if a new map is created with multiple layers and then saved, you can go back to that file later and see which files contributed to your new map. Creating new layers using the same data is quick and easy because the files are shown in a field in the Open dialog.

  • If a layered map is copied into a new plot document it will copy the data automatically into the new file.
  • Vector data cannot be shared between map layers as Surfer only loads the data necessary to create the layer, rather than the entire data file.
  • Only the layer that is selected in the Contents window will be reloaded with the File | Reload Data command regardless of file sharing.
  • Sharing data between layers in Surfer is more memory efficient and will load SRF files faster.
  • Sharing data does not affect the file size of the SRF file as data is still saved for each layer to maintain backward compatibility.

Finding the Files Used in Existing Maps

Open a Surfer SRF file and click a Home | New Map command. In the Open Grid dialog, the file(s) used for that map are shown in the Open Grids field. The Open Data dialog has a corresponding Open worksheets field. Similarly, the Import dialog will show an Open images field.

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