Map Tools Tab Commands

The Map Tools tab in the plot document has the following commands:



Adds a Base, Base from Server, Base from Data, Empty Base, Contour, Post, Classed Post, 3D Surface, 3D Wireframe, Color Relief, Grid Values, Watershed, Viewshed, 1-Grid Vector, or 2-Grid Vector layer to the selected map


Adds a scale bar to the selected map


Adds a legend to the plot


Adds a graticule or grid lines to the selected map


Adds a profile to the selected map


Adds a top or bottom (X), left or right (Y), or Z axis to the selected map

Set Limits

Set the map limits by drawing a rectangle


Rotates and zooms the selected map in 3D

3D View

View the selected map in a new 3D view window


Measure distance and area on the selected map

Overlay Maps

Combine selected maps to use the same map properties

Stack Maps

Aligns two or more selected maps


Displays the coordinates of the selected map in map units and collects data points from the map

Break Apart

Removes a map layer from the selected multi-layer map

Georeference Image

Georeference or warp an image in a base layer

Open Attribute Table

Opens the Attribute Table for the objects in the selected layer

Track Cursor

Track cursor location across plot, worksheet, and grid editor windows for a maps, data files, and grids.

Query Objects

   Selects objects returned from a specified query

Export Contours

Export contours as lines in a DXF, SHP, or TXT file.


Opens the selected layer's grid in the Grid Editor.

Edit Contour Labels

Edits individual contour labels of the selected map

Edit Post Labels

Edits individual post map labels of the selected map



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