Change a Map Layer Type

The Map Tools | Layer Tools | Convert Layer command changes the layer type from one to another. Select the grid-based map layer in the Contents window and click the Map Tools | Layer Tools | Convert Layer command to change the map layer to Contour, 3D Surface, 3D Wireframe, Color Relief, Grid Values, Watershed, Viewshed, or 1-Grid Vector.


  • The Convert Layer command and button are only active if a grid-based map layer is selected. Maps that cannot be added to the selected map are grayed out. For example, 2-grid vector maps cannot be converted and a color relief layer cannot be converted to another color relief layer.
  • Colormaps are retained when converting to Contour, Surface, Color Relief, or 1-Grid Vector maps.
  • Do not convert a geotransformed layer to a Surface layer. This will likely result in the layer being outside the map frame and invisible.

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