Add to Map

The Map Tools | Add to Map command group contains commands for adding map layers, additional left, right, top, bottom, or Z axes, a scale bar, a viewshed, a graticule, or a profile to the existing map. Alternatively, right-click on an existing map and click Add to Map to add a map layer, axis, scale bar, or profile.

Map Layers

Add a Base Layer from Server, Base Layer, Empty Base Layer, Contour Layer, Post Layer, Classed Post Layer, Color Relief Layer, Grid Values Layer, 1-Grid Vector Layer (aspect and gradient are calculated), 2-Grid Vector Layer (X, Y or direction, magnitude), Watershed Layer,Point Cloud layer, Viewshed layer, 3D Wireframe Layer, 3D Surface Layer, Left Axis, Right Axis, Top Axis, Bottom Axis, Z Axis, Scale Bar, or Profile to the selected map.

Layers that cannot be added to the selected map are grayed out. For example, a 3D wireframe map layer cannot be added to a 3D surface map.

Layers can be dragged between maps in the Contents window. Layers can be combined with the Overlay Maps command to create a single Map object.

Select multiple files to add multiple layers to the map. One layer is added for each selected file. Multiple files cannot be selected when adding 2-Grid Vector layers.

Map Limits

Adding a new layer to an existing map will not change custom scaling or map limits, with the exception of 3D wireframe and 3D surface maps. Adding a 3D wireframe or 3D surface to an existing map will change custom scaling or map limits.

If a map layer is added to a map frame and the map layer exceeds the current map limits, a Surfer warning dialog will be displayed allowing you to adjust the map limits to include all layers. Select Yes to adjust the map to include all layers. Select No to leave the current map limits.

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